The video above shows a preview of PowerGPT with the Image Generator extension.

PowerGPT is a very powerful in developement Chrome Extension that extends ChatGPT with <power-gpt-html> tags, extensions loaded from external URLs, and more very powerful features.

PowerGPT is on the Chrome Web Store and you can add it to Chrome right now by clicking the button below (opens extension page):


Can I make extensions for PowerGPT?

Yes! Making extensions for PowerGPT is completely free and anyone can make them anytime! Note that we are still working on our documenation, we recommend you to look at official extensions like Image Generator to learn the basic features.

Is PowerGPT free?

Yes! PowerGPT will always be free! Note that we might add paid products in the extension in the future, we are also planning to make some PowerGPT extensions paid or offer paid features.

What extension was used in the video?

The official Image Generator extension was used in this video, the “Tiktok” extension was an old work-in-progress extension that we are not planning to finish.

From what URLs can I load extensions?

We only support loading extensions from Gitlab repositories, Github repositories, the Power Up Studio Server and Gitlab snippets.
We are planning to add these services to the list: