This document applies to all purchases, services, products, subscriptions and other goods sold for money on our website, each customer should read these rules and conditions before buying any product on our website.


Our team will let you refund up to 7 days after the final product was delivered to you, after that time, no exceptions will be made, and you will be unable to refund.

If your product was delivered late, we will let you refund up to 14 days instead of 7, we will also give you a discount based on the type of product you bought.

If your product was delivered late because of the request being considered as hard to do, we will still let you refund up to 14 days, but you won’t get any additional discount.

Delivery Time

Delivery time of your product will depend on which type of product and what type of product you bought, if you bought a customizable service, where you could ex. ask us to make a JavaScript library, and your request is considered as hard to do for our team, the delivery time may increase, we will tell you if the time has increased, the time will usually increase only by a few days, but remember that the complexity of your product might impact that.

If your product delivery time was delayed because of its complexity, we will start primarily focusing on your product based on its priority level, remember that our team is currently small, and we can’t process a lot of requests at once.

The development of your product will be on a waitlist, that will be sorted using a priority algorithm, priority services will go to the top (from oldest to newest), next are the premium tier products, next are the basic tier products and the low tier products, physical products will have priority over virtual products, note that our shop may currently not sell physical products.


All of the transactions are processed by their providers (like PayPal), the results of the transactions are sent to our services using their API (Application Programming Interface), in case of direct payment with ex. Credit cards, we will use the data you provided to retrieve the money you need to pay to our account, we will never take more money that we need from your bank account, all transactions and personal data are kept private between Power Up Studio and you, we will also never sell your bank data to third-parties without your consent or you accepting.

The products will be delivered to the address provided (if a physical product was ordered), or via any of the type of contacts available below if virtual:

  1. E-mail
  2. SMS
  3. Power Up Studio Chat

We are working on supporting more contact sources for easier connection with our clients.

Intellectual Property

All customized products and services you ordered will be fully owned and copyrighted by you, but, products and services that were fully made by us, will be still owned by Power Up Studio, you will be able to use them freely (with the limitations applied to the product), this applies to virtual products, in the case of physical products, they will be owned by you when delivered, but, still copyrighted and legally owned by Power Up Studio, this means that you can’t resell our products for profit in any way, without having an agreement or contract with us, this applies to all kinds of products you receive physically (not that the reselling rule applies to virtual products too)